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In light of the current pandemic, Black Americans are suffering and dying disproportionately more than other groups. This is a direct threat to the future wellbeing of Black families for decades to come.  Black Americans have double the COVID-19 death rate of Whites and Asian Americans. Driven by pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and high-blood pressure, COVID-19 will continue to exacerbate and expose historic racism in healthcare in this country.

Black Wellness 24/7 consist of various targeted health campaigns that integrate technology, cultural sensitivity and the aggregation of Black healthcare providers to improve health outcomes among Black Americans.

Our Programs

Black Wellness 24/7 has several signature programs to help improve health outcomes among African Americans. By leveraging the power of technology and existing community assets such as barbershops,
beauty shops and churches, Black Wellness 24/7's
goal is to reach 1 million Black Americans by 2025.

Black Doctor 24/7

Online Black healthcare providers are integrated with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, remote vitals monitoring as well as telemedicine to help Black patients connect with a Black healthcare providers.
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Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program

Founded in 2006, Black Barbershop has screened over 30,000 African American men in black-owned barber shops across the country. Black men have the lowest life expectancy than other groups. The program focuses on cardiovascular disease prevention and educate. We Screen, Educate and Refer Black men to the doctor.
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Black Limbs Matter

COVID-19 has exacerbated the amputation rate in the Black community. Black Americans are 5-7 times more likely to experience diabetes-related amputations than other ethnic groups. Seventy-five percent of all amputations are preventable. Black vascular surgeons and podiatric surgeons collaborate to prevent unnecessary high level amputations.
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Black Salon Health Initiative

African American women have the highest rates of obesity or being overweight compared to other groups in the United States. About 4 out of 5 African American women are overweight or obese. The Black Salon Health Initiative will focus on innovative ways to promote better eating habits and physical activity.
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Join the movement

We need your help! No longer can we sit on the sidelines and watch the destruction of the Black community from health inequities. Be a part of the solution. We are all in this together!

For Providers

Black Wellness 24/7 is seeking Black healthcare providers to collaborate with various signature programs. Sign up today!

For Partnerships

We are seeking fraternities, sororities, universities as well as corporate entities to partner with Black Wellness 24/7. Sign up today!

For Barbershops & Salons

Black-owned barbershops and salons play an essential role in the black community. Register your shop to be a part of a national movement. Sign up today!

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